International Consultancy based in Cork

We are an International Consultancy based in Cork, Ireland with business links to Spain, the USA and Latin America. Originally from Spain, our background is in the provision and management of Healthcare IT Systems and Project Management. We have vast experience, gathered globally over the past 25 years, in this competitive and innovative market. We are in the unique position to offer businesses in Cork and throughout Ireland a high-level of support in IT, communication and project management, at home and abroad.


About Us

International Consultancy offering IT Planning Solutions and Project Management services

We offer a portfolio of services and products designed to benefit you in 3 key areas of your business:

  • IT Planning and Solutions
  • Project Management
  • International Business Liaison

Our involvement in project management overseas has equipped us with a broad understanding of doing business in different cultures. If you are seeking assistance in brokering deals and managing projects in Spanish speaking countries, our International Business Liaison services are designed with you in mind. We at Spirish are particularly well placed to assist in facilitating business negotiations in the Healthcare Industry; however, we can also liaise on your behalf in other business sectors, applying our local knowledge and language skills.

With over 25 years in the business of providing IT and engineering services to healthcare facilities, we have encountered all manner of problems and relished finding solutions for them. There is every probability that we have come across some of the issues that you face in your business and can apply our vast knowledge to helping you.

On occasion, our expertise in IT has been called upon to help assemble evidence for legal and/or HR disputes. This is one example of how our knowledge gained in the healthcare industry can be applied to other sectors. Moreover, our experience of operating within both legal and healthcare parameters means we at Spirish are well versed in the importance of  operating with the utmost integrity and discretion. For more detailed information about this area of our portfolio, see our True Digital Detective service.


Meet the Driving Force Behind Spirish – Based in Cork

Jorge Cejudo Podio profile pictureJorge Cejudo-Podio

Jorge has enjoyed an expansive career in the healthcare industry spanning 3 decades. He started out in engineering and subsequently moved into IT and management. His most recent positions include that of CEO of Medical Data System SL and of Dipolo, with offices in Spain and in the USA.

Although Jorge has held positions in top level management of large companies and healthcare facilities, he has been ‘hands on’ in design and delivery of IT planning and project management solutions, driven by  his passion for technology and innovation. Moreover, his background in engineering, coupled with his IT expertise enables him to manage large scale building projects with ease and authority.

Jorge, originally from Spain, is now based in Cork where he lives with his family. He sees Ireland as a great base from which to do business internationally, particularly between Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin America. This is for geographic reasons and due to Ireland’s position as an English speaking country, working steadily towards securing its place as a technological hub.

As well as IT business opportunities, Cork offers a wonderful life-style with great food and beautiful scenery too, in spite of the infamous Irish weather!

Jorge is interested in many causes, particularly those related to healthcare, the welfare of children, politics and of course, science and technology.

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Maria D. Garcia-Santos Profile PictureMaria D. Garcia-Santos

Maria’s professional background is in Finance Management and Human Resources. Together with Jorge, Maria has held senior management positions in a number of companies including that of Finance Director of Medical Data System SL.

As well as all of her professional achievements in the healthcare sector, Maria has written and published the book Mariposas en la Sangre which translates as Butterflies in the Blood.

Maria recently moved to Cork where she resides with her husband and children. She enjoys the warmth of the Irish people. Though she does not find much similarity in the Cork weather when compared with her native Murcia, she takes great pleasure in the many shared characteristics she notices between the  Irish and Spanish.

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