Project management overseas

Are you seeking opportunities in Spanish seeking countries or perhaps in the USA? Perhaps you already have a project underway and need assistance in communication or project management?

Business Liaison


Overseas business contacts can be as unprepared for your way of doing business as you are for theirs.

Successful Business Liaison Requires More Than Mere Business Acumen…

During our tenure as directors of companies such as Dipolo and Medical Data System SL  we operated in countries with different languages, culture and regulations. The healthcare sector operates under extremely rigorous and stringent regulatory authorities and one cannot do business  successfully without keeping abreast of developments and local variations. While keeping up to date with technological advances relevant to our work, we have always placed great importance on successful communication, cultural awareness, and awareness of industry regulations.


We are well-placed to provide business liaison services and advocate on your behalf. We can assist with translation, local business etiquette and best practice. As with English speaking countries, there are huge cultural variations in the Spanish speaking world. Having an insight into these can add value to your international business dealings. We can represent you directly or we can advise on how best to approach your negotiations in Spanish speaking countries, improving your chances of a positive outcome. Furthermore, we can tailor our advice and service to a particular location.

Doing Business Abroad Can Be Daunting And We Are Here To Help

There are many things to consider when doing business outside your own country. Transferring funds, tax laws, import/export regulations, variations in policy regarding human resources. These are just some of the things you will have to think about. There can be a lot of red tape! When developing your business within the EU, there are many factors to take into account but there is also a framework for facilitating business links, transfer of funds and for negotiations. The whole process can become a lot more complicated once you begin to deal with countries in other continents, outside your own economic area. At Spirish, we have first hand experience of managing projects across the globe, along with cutting through all of the red tape that such activity involves.

Spirish_stock_images_0023We have experience in the business cultures of Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Panama, Ukraine, USA, Guatamala and Ireland.

Our project management capabilities are broad; we have negotiated several property deals overseas and we have organised and managed building contractors abroad. We have also project managed the installation of advanced medical IT equipment in overseas hospitals and have also been involved in the buying and selling of software and hardware overseas for various projects.


Case Studies


Can we put our faith in the cloud?

What if you could use cloud-based storage solutions to access your data from multiple locations? At this stage, many of us are knowledgeable about the variety of platforms available for sharing files and data, for business and pleasure. Many social media sites link with photo-sharing options for example.