IT Consultancy

Spirish offer a wide range of IT consultancy services. One of our key services is identifying open source and low cost solutions for your business. Having worked with many different businesses and organisations in Ireland and overseas, we are well positioned to identify, implement and train you and your staff in using new solutions.

Identifying IT Solutions

Network Solutions

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Make workflow more efficient and enhance security through the use of network solutions. A Virtual Personal Network (VPN) can allow you to work securely from any location and allow private access to documents on your network. Spirish design, implement and train.

If you aren't already using a VPN you probably should be.

Common situations like checking your email at the airport or logging into Facebook at a cafe can potentially put you at risk. A VPN secures your computer's internet connection so that all of the data, even sensitive documents, you're sending and receiving are encrypted and secured.

Spirish can help you to protect yourself in the online world using low cost solutions.

IT Strategy Development

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Technology and software are constantly evolving. Embracing new advances can often lead to significant time and cost-savings. Spirish can develop a comprehensive plan to guide your organisation in the implementation of new systems.

Maximise your productivity through effective use of devices, new systems and software.

At Spirish we stay up to date with all the latest developments. We will help your business to implement changes to increase workflow, save money and enhance security.

Information Risk Assessment

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Information is valuable. Have you undergone a review to ensure that sensitive information properly secured? If someone wanted to access your files maliciously would it be possible?

Our wide-ranging experience in data retrieval and investigation gained from our True Digital Detective service gives us an advantage. We know the ways and lengths that individuals go to to find information and can help you to avoid security breaches.

Security breaches are only one factor of information risk. Are you meeting all regulatory requirements in your data storage? If your premises were damaged are you sure that your information is properly backed up? Do you know the best ways to use Cloud storage?

Spirish will investigate your systems and offer solutions to protect your valuable information.

Platform Migration Made Simple

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In the continually changing world of IT it is easy to get left behind. Businesses sometimes stay with what they know because they fear that migrating to a new system will take too much time and cause loss of information and software. Spirish can facilitate the process. Changing platform can often lead to huge business cost savings.

A platform migration facilitated by Spirish will be carefully planned to avoid downtime. All necessary software will be considered and installed to ensure that the new platform is capable of operating efficiently from the outset. Staff training will be provided as necessary.

Your journey to a more efficient workflow and timesaving solution will be smooth with the assistance of Spirish.

Programme & Project Management

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Setting up new networks, installing new software and accessing information across hardware devices can lead to significant improvements in a business's efficiency and also in the quality of life of management and employees.

Too often new ideas and positive changes in businesses are not implemented because of a lack of time and staff.

We can help you to move forward. Spirish have overseen the implementation of complex VPNs in large scale hospital situations and managed a huge variety of IT projects from the highest level of management.

We also offer a more general international business liaison service drawing on our experience working in an international environment.

CEO IT Assessments

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A CEO can be so concerned with the day to day running of the business that they neglect their own needs. A saving of even a few minutes a day can lead to extra time with the family. Spirish will save you more than a few minutes

We specialise in the utilisation of low cost and open source solutions. Spirish can give you back your time with clever use of technologies.

A Spirish assessment will investigate workflow, security, hardware and software, developing a strategy and facilitating the implementation and training


it consultancy corkSpirish is committed to providing an unbeatable service to clients. We carry out thorough reviews our projects to ensure that all our implemented solutions are operating optimally. We can also carry out general reviews of your existing systems to indicate where improvements could be made.

Spirish-stock-images-What If You Wanted to Streamline Your Workflow, Giving You More Time for the Tasks That Really Matter? Identifying IT Solutions for your Business…

It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.
Clive James

At times, the range of choices available in terms of devices, apps, platforms and how to apply them all in business can be overwhelming. Through consultation and observation of your business practice and current use of IT, we can advise on the right options for you. We can help you identify tasks which can be automated and advise on the best applications for doing so. We can develop full integration of all of your devices, ensuring that you can work when you want, wherever you are.

What If You Wanted to Manage Your Company Efficiently While Striking a Work/Life Balance and Have More Time with Your Family and Friends?

We can provide you with personalised IT support that would enable you to do just that.

Increased technology and accessibility via the internet in our society has many detractors. That said, there are many who believe that clever use of IT, the cloud, third party apps and custom scripts can improve workflow and enhance your life. Whatever your stance, there is no doubt that how you manage your use of technology and the time you spend on it, is important. There was an interesting article in the Guardian recently which covered this very subject.

With our extensive knowledge we can advise you on smart IT and time management solutions facilitating greater efficiency in the office and more effective remote working.


Suppose You Were Your Own IT Trouble-Shooter…

Increasingly, we are using IT in all aspects of our lives and away from the office. Whether for business or pleasure, when problems occur, it can be frustrating.

At Spirish, with our experience in global business travel we understand this. We can help you develop skills so that you can be your own trouble-shooter. This ensures that if you experience IT problems when away from the office, they are more manageable and less cause for concern.


We Have A Great IT Department, Why Do I Need Your Service Too?

The IT department generally provides a service which is the best fit for the entire company, with a degree of tailoring to specific personnel and their tasks as appropriate. With the Cloud and Mobile Device revolution, the role of the IT department is changing as discussed in a recent article.

At Spirish, we can collaborate with your IT department to develop a bespoke, enhanced IT solution targeted specifically at your needs. Why is this beneficial? Because part of our job is to have an in-depth knowledge of IT innovation and development in order to support the existing IT infra-structure. Because the IT department has to take the entire company’s needs into account, they must often take a broad-strokes approach. For more specialist services and for expert advice on third party options, it can be beneficial to you and your IT department to outsource the task of identifying IT Solutions.


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